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Emergency Dental Care

Daniella Perez Simon, DMD -  - Cosmetic Dentist

Daniella Perez Simon, DMD

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Your teeth and gums are incredibly durable, but they aren’t invincible. If you experience trauma to your mouth that caused lacerations to your gums or damage to your teeth, it’s important to seek professional treatment right away. At Daniella Perez Simon, DMD in North Bethesda, Maryland, the team provides emergency dental care in a warm, inviting atmosphere. If you or a loved one experience a dental emergency, call the office or walk-in today. You can also book an appointment online.

Emergency Dental Care Q & A

What is emergency dental care?

Emergency dental care is a branch of dentistry focused on treating mouth, gum, and tongue-related injuries. It’s important to know what types of injuries require emergency dental treatment so you can preserve your teeth without making unnecessary trips to the emergency room. 

Accidents can happen at any time. Some oral injuries require immediate treatment, while others can wait until normal business hours. For example, if you chip a tooth, it’s probably not an emergency. However, if you knock-out a tooth, making it to Daniella Perez Simon, DMD within 30 minutes of your injury could mean the difference between saving or losing your tooth. 

What types of dental emergencies do you treat?

The team treats a wide variety of dental emergencies including:

  • Gum abscesses
  • Abscesses of the pulp
  • Swollen gums
  • Chipped teeth
  • Cracked teeth
  • Aching teeth
  • Knocked-out teeth
  • Cuts and bleeding in the mouth

You might also benefit from emergency dental care if you still have wisdom teeth and one of them becomes impacted, irritated, or the tissue surrounding becomes swollen. 

If I knock out a tooth, what steps should I take?

If you knock out a tooth while working or playing sports, it’s important to act quickly. Carefully pick your tooth up by the crown and rinse it off with cool tap water. After your tooth is free of debris, try and gently place it back in the socket. 

If your tooth won’t stay in place, fill up a glass with milk and soak your tooth in it. If you don’t have milk, tuck the tooth inside your cheek, just be careful not to swallow it.

After knocking out a tooth, try and seek treatment from the Dr. Perez Simon DMD team within the hour. The faster you act, the greater the chance your dentist can preserve your tooth and prevent further damage. 

How are dental emergencies addressed?

The treatment for dental emergencies depends on the underlying cause and the severity of your condition. However, the team at Daniella Perez Simon, DMD always makes room for same-day appointments and attempts to see patients as soon as possible. 

If you crack or chip a tooth, your dentist might recommend a ceramic crown or filling. If you break a tooth and expose a nerve, your dentist might recommend a root canal to limit the pain and prevent infection. 

Following an oral exam and discussion of your goals for treatment, the team can formulate a plan that restores your smile to its healthy, near-original condition. 

If you or a loved one experience a dental emergency, call the office at Daniella Perez Simon, DMD or simply walk-in. You can also make an appointment online.